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    Ah yes, a picture always helps 🙂

    But first I must take pleasure in referring back to your original post, where you said “can’t get further than the Home Page which has ‘a continuously turning wheel’ top left.
    That pointed me to the HTML block in the top-left corner, at which I abandoned my first guess, which it is now apparent was the correct one 🙂

    She has four blocks that are failing to load: On this day, Slide show, Statistics, and Upcoming events. They have one thing in common, and which none of the others have. They use ajax (javascript) to control their page loading. This allows blocks that are simple to load first, while these more complex ones that can take a few seconds to load are working in the background. If we didn’t do that they would delay the entire page from loading until all of them were ready to show.

    The fact she is a member is largely irrelevant, as the home page operates almost the same regardless. It is your “front page” and therefore fully accessible to visitors. The only difference is that individual block’s content will vary according to who can see private information. Indeed it would be interesting (but not particularly helpful) to know if she is seeing this problem before, after (or both) logging in. I would expect it to be both.

    The most likely cause is that she has disabled javascript in her browser for some reason. I’m no MAC expert but I believe its a browser setting under “Security” Try Safari > Preferences > Security > tick “enable javascript”. Then restart the browser.

    If you want to test it with her first you can temporarily modify any of the blocks, For example, in /modules_v4/todays_events/module.php find the code for “loadAjax” (about line 100) and change true to false. That should remove one of the spinning wheels. But I don’t recommend leaving it that way.

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