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    I’m pretty sure it is however still a caching issue. But not one you can so easily clear. It is a MYSQL query cache, handled entirely in MySQL itself. It;s a way of making the query more efficient. This web page explains it quite well:

    This is the most likely reason because a) all four lists use exactly the same DB query (referenced in all the error reports: Name.php line 248); and b) the two sidebar reports are, I believe, rarely used so their queries may be retained in cache longer. This cache is also the reason the INDI and FAM lists appeared at first not to have worked, then suddenly did.

    There are a few options:
    1 – Severe – but you could ask your web host (or do it yourself if it is within your control) to restart MySQL. That should clear the cache.

    2 – It is usually (not always) possible to clear the cache manually. Here are some instructions for that:

    3 – You could just wait. It will clear itself eventually. I can’t tell you how long though.

    4 – You could modify the code. Probably only temporarily, just to over-ride the cached query, then put it back to normal. In the file kiwitrees/library/WT/Query/Name.php line 238 should be:

    "SELECT SQL_CACHE UPPER(LEFT(n_surn, 1)), COUNT(n_id)".

    Simply remove the word “SQL_CACHE ”

    (Note: take care to find the correct file. There are TWO called Name.php. Be sure to look in the “Query” sub-folder.

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