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    Ron, thanks for the detailed feedback.

    This reminds me that the PHP requirements for kiwitrees in the FAQs could do with some revising. I’ll try to do that soon.

    For others reading this, Ron’s paragraph (quoted below) is accurate for his installation / server but may be completely different on yours.

    The location of server log files is highly variable. So ask your web host where they are. In my experience Ron’s “in the kiwitrees folder on the server” is quite unusual.

    Many web hosts, including Ron’s, disable the PHP setting that allows errors to appear directly on your web pages. That looks better if errors are minor and we don’t fix them quickly, but does make finding the problem harder, especially if they make accessing server logs hard or even impossible in some cases.

    Memory issues such as discussed here generally cannot be caught and added to the kiwitrees log as they shut the system down before kiwitrees can respond.

    In this case, no report and no message is produced by kiwitrees, neither is there an error message in the kiwitrees log, but an error message appears in the error_log in the kiwitrees folder on the server.

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