• #8457

    This issue is now solved, thanks to help from Nigel. I’m reporting back here in case it is of help to others.

    1. Nigel was right – it WAS a server memory problem and it WAS covered in the logs – I was looking in the wrong place!.
    2. This can be a problem for anyone having a very large database like mine AND a server memory limit set too low. My database has over 15000 individuals and the GEDCOM weighs in at about 17MB. My server memory limit was set by the hosting service at 128MB (which they told me is quite a common default setting). Nigel suggested that I encourage the hosting service to increase it to 256MB, which they did.
    3. In order for kiwitrees to take advantage of the increase in allocated memory, it is necessary to indicate the new memory limit in admin/ site admin/ site config / Memory Limit. Having done this the problem reported above went away.
    4. The only Facts and Events reports which hit this problem in my case were ones which selected Birth or Death in the Fact or Event drop-down list. Even when the qualifiers reduced the number of items in the final report to a few (eg people born in a given year or a given village in a short space of time), the way the code works it has first to identify all the INDI records that contain the selected GEDCOM tag, and uses some memory for each of these before then resolving the qualifiers, so although for the less common tags the memory demand is not great, for BIRT which almost all INDI records have and DEAT which a large proportion of INDI records will have, the memory required, for large databases, can exceed the limit. In this case, no report and no message is produced by kiwitrees, neither is there an error message in the kiwitrees log, but an error message appears in the error_log in the kiwitrees folder on the server.

    Thanks again to Nigel for identifying the cause of the problem and helping me to resolve it.

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14