• #8283

    You have two problems:

    1 – because your custom language file prevented access to the site, the changes that should have been made to your database failed, so it will now contain a mixture of old and new modules. Some settings need to be deleted, some need to be renamed.

    2 – your modified modules need to be fixed (the WT_WEBTRESS > WT_KIWITREES issue), then they can be moved from the old modules_v3 folder to the new modules_v4 (this is described in the upgrade instructions). But you can not do this until the database is fixed.

    This is why the instruction to remove ALL custom files before upgrading was there. All these things are automatically done for you IF there are no custom files.

    You mentioned having a backup at the start of this thread. Is this a backup of the database? If so, drop the current database, and put the old one back in place. Do NOT change the files though, only the database. Make sure that there are still NO custom files among them. Then visit your site. It will re-start the automated DB changes for you.

    That will fix anything related to re-named modules (original simpl_pages, simpl_privacy, simpl_research and all “Fancy_xxx” modules.
    Now, check your site. Everything EXCEPT your custom files and modules should be working. So next follow this upgrade instruction:

    Once your site is back up and running correctly, albeit without your custom modules and files, you can proceed to make a simple change to your customisations then re-instate the files.
    In each file near the top, just below the copyright statement, look for block of code like this:

    if (!defined('WT_WEBTREES')) {
    header('HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden');

    Simply change “WT_WEBTREES” to “WT_KIWITREES”, save your file, and upload it back to it’s original location.

    For your custom modules, the change is the same but you will probably only find that section of code in files named “module.php”. Once that change is made copy your custom module(s) to the new “modules_v4” folder.

    If you do not have a backup of your database, then it gets messy. Quicker for me to fix it for you than to explain it, so send me access codes to your server.

    My personal kiwitrees site is