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    You must understand that it is called “clippings” for a reason. It is meant to imply the extraction of a SMALL part of a family tree

    I couldn’t agree more Nigel – we should be talking clippings not entire forests!

    My (personal) recommendation would be to not worry about the process failing …… Instead, try to work out why one or more users find it necessary to take away such large quantities of data?

    Again I agree. Although I am a little alarmed that the consequences could be quite serious if someone takes it into their head to do this and the data directory fills up with many GBs of files that have failed to download – especially whilst I am away for a week as was the case this time. Do you think you could put some kind of warning message in the Clippings Cart intro text to steer people clear of trying to download most of the GEDCOM. – which seems to have happened on this occasion. It would be good if you could even say that those requiring a substantial part of the database to merge with their own files should not attempt to download via the clippings cart but to contact the site owner with a view to obtaining a full GEDCOM. I’m reluctant to turn off the facility for all users except managers because i know that it has been and continues to be used by a number of my users who maintain their own PC-based family trees.

    I have now identified the culprit, who should have known better (an IT professional working for Google!!) and was trying to use the tool to extract a substantial portion of the database and all the associated media items to build into a new system he was crating for his wife’s family. I’ve now sent him a full GEDCOM, whichhe should have asked for in the first place.

    Hopefully this is a one-off, but if consideration could be given to a message in the Clippings Cart text as i have suggested I think it would help to avoid any recurrence.

    Incidentally, having just consulted the data directory again to remove the exported GEDCOM I have just created, I see that the results of my tests this-morning – when the system appeared simply to hang – have finally appeared there – a number of enormous (over 300MB!!) zip files, taking my total server storage usage well over my allocated limit! Now deleted and hopefully not to be repeated.

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