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    I took a look at the data directory and found about 30 Clippings Cart files, all dated 9 February and many very large eg 290 MB.

    How did you determine they were clippings cart files? If you are correct they would have been named clippings.ged, clippings(1).ged, clippings(2).ged etc…. or possibly .zip instead of .ged. Could they be something else completely?

    1. When a registered user of the site takes a ‘clipping’, after being downloaded to his system does it stay in the data directory until I remove it?

    No it isn’t (normally). I have just tested this on both my site and yours. On both, no clippings cart file is saved in the data directory or anywhere else. The code specifically creates the file, adds content to it, downloads it, closes it, then deletes it. It appears to be working correctly.

    2. If not how could all these clipping files appear in the data directory?

    My best guess would be that the error you first noticed has been around for a while. It might be possible the error, (exceeding your allotted memory / space) prevented the code from completing the deletion. (Note: this is a possible theory only – not tested). Does you web host have a backup of your site from just before you deleted those files? It would be good to look at one of them to see when created, what they contain, etc.

    … all that I have seen so far being attributable to four ip addresses all of which appear to be spiders/web crawler s – using SemrushBot, AhrefsBot, BingBot and Sogou web. So I must ask another question:
    3. Is it possible for web crawlers to generate Clippings files in the data directory? Surely it should not be?

    No it isn’t. I do not think these will be related to this problem. They can’t even access these pages, let alone make the right option choices to create the file.
    However, you might anyway want to think about whether you want those particular search engines crawling your site. They can be blocked via Administration > Site administration > Site access rules. (see for details)

    Regardless of whether this does turn out to be related to the clippings cart, I will investigate the feasibility of adding a log entry on record each time a clipping is created and downloaded, and by who.

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