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    Not one I’ve ever used either. But looking at the GEDCOM spec in more detail, as well as that description it has the structure (as part of the Individual Record) as:

    1 ANCI @@

    That means it would appear as perhaps
    1 ANCI @[email protected]

    “SUBM is the “submitter”, which we also do not use exactly as described in GEDCOM We only use one SUBM, for you, as the submitter of your GEDCOM data. But it can be extended to show the submitter of any part (individual etc) of your data. Most useful when import a GEDCOM file from someone else and want to keep their data as well as your own rather than completely merge everything. I have seen one request to add this to webtrees, but AFAIK it has never been done there, and certainly I haven’t allowed for it to be used like that in kiwitrees.

    So then you have multiple SUBM’s each with a Ixxx number. You can then use ANCI / DESI to indicate that a certain submitter has an interest in this individual record – so you can notify them if you find or change the data one day.

    I can’t imagine ,many people going to that trouble, and suspect there are better ways to do it.

    I suppose you could use it with a user’s XREF (assuming they exist as a person in your tree) instead of an SUBM record for them as an slight twist on the correct usage.

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