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    Should I assume that it’s best to remain with ‘unmaintained’ 5.6 until I upgrade to the next release of kiwitrees?

    Yes, that would be my recommendation. My own site has been running kiwitrees 3.2.3 on PHP 7.07 for a couple of months now with no issues. I am also running more extensive tests with kiwitrees 3.2.4, hence my confidence that the next release will be fully compatible. I’m also hoping that most of the bugs related to PHP 7.1 will also be sorted for that release. But 7.1 is very new still, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone use that for a production site at this stage. It still has quite a bug list.

    There are no versions between 5.6 and 7, so that is your next step. 5.6 will be perfectly safe to use until December 2018, so no rush to change, although 7+ is expected to add a performance boost for most sites. “Not maintained” in PHP development has two levels. 5.6 is no longer receiving improvement maintenance, but is receiving the more important security maintenance.

    For anyone else reading this – NO-ONE should still be using 5.5 or lower. They are all well past PHP’s “end of life”. They get no maintenance at all, not even for security bugs. Kiwitrees will still run even on PHP 5.3, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED. The next release will not support 5.3, and soon after I will be removing some minor code used to support 5.4. I will then declare 5.6 as the absolute minimum.

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