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    Whilst waiting for my hosting service to unblock my ip address again and to get back to me re suspect log entries, let me respond to your previous suggestions re editing the raw GEDCOM Nigel.

    Before receiving your post, I had already tried changing a few suspicious characters in the text, but got the same forbidden error message, so copied the entire text into Notepad and edited it to be sure there was nothing offensive left, then tried to replace the entire text of the NOTE with my revised version – but got the same forbidden message. So tried doing NOTHING in the Edit – i.e.selected Edit raw Gedcom, and as soon as it opened the window clicked SAVE – same ‘Forbidden’ message! So I guess that only leaves two options – either I reload the GEDCOM to the site having modified the content off-line or I delete the entire individual entry and re-enter it (I favour this approach as I can key it in pretty quickly and can copy and paste the lengthy NOTE text – provide, of course, it allows me to DELETE!.

    But it doesn’t answer the question of why it happens, or exactly what causes it, so I’d like to pursue it a little further – and I don’t like the consequence being that my ip address gets blocked. That’s probably something I can get the hosting guys to think about – the LAST ip address that should be blocked from accessing my site is MINE!

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