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    A further development….

    This may or may not be connected to the problem I have just described… but coming at the same time suggests to me that it is.

    In admin-users-manage users I just received a warning message I have not seen before:

    Data Tables warning. table id=list Ajax error.

    Leaving the page and trying to return to the individual I had been working on I had an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED-OUT Site can’t be reached error. However, I can still access the site via my phone over the phone network, so seems to be IP address related. Contacted my hosting service and they confirmed that my ip address had been white-listed in the server firewall. They unblocked it and i just tried the same again – first attempted the edit referred to above on the same individual record – had the same ‘Forbidden’ message as before, then went into admin- users-manage users – same message as above. Then access to site lost again.

    Is this a kiwitrees issue or a server software issue??

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14