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    Will see how it plays out when you release it. Maybe some method will be found by trial & error in Excel.

    There may be a way to do it, but as with many things it might come with it’s own issues too! But I will look at a later date / release.
    Adding space between fields is not the issue, it’s adding space within a single field, where the html code puts “

    I ran another fact and event report and see the Detail field truncates off info past limited number of characters. GOt “Relationship” (first word) but nothing else. Too bad it too isn’t like a field where you set display at 10 but accept up to 15 characters, for example. (The report was different field.)

    Are you sure it isn’t just hiding “off-screen”? Try temporarily reducing font-size to see if it displays more.If that makes it appear then I can probably just add word-wrapping to get it to fit better.
    Otherwise, if it is really “truncating” I will need to see a working example to understand what the cause is. There are not meant to be actual restrictions in the code to force truncation.

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