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    1) names are only sorted by first name (the CSV would have the two names together as well)
    2) women are shown with maiden name but if I’m searching for their stone, it’s their married name I need (if applicable, of course)
    3) Details show the Address field but only the first line; I use 2-3 lines — first is the section, second/third the plot info.

    1) – It should be possible to split these into two parts with each sortable. Just need to think about suffixes, prefixes etc but should be fixable.

    2) – Actually it’s more complex than that, by a huge amount. For burial, death, probate, etc you need their LAST married name. For birth, baptism, education etc you need (possibly) their birth name. But perhaps not always. In some cases adopted, second,names, etc might be better. All adult facts and events would ideally check all dates and pick the right married name (assuming multiple marriages) for the period defined by the search and the type of event. So I’m not sure this is practical in terms of both code, and the server resources necessary to extend the complexity of such searches. These issues are also why it is standard genealogy practice to always use maiden names to reference females. I understand the request, and even sympathise with it, but don’t think I can help with this one, or at least I can’t think of a practical solution at the moment. Happy to hear suggestions though 🙂

    3 – Definitely should be fixed. But can you give me the GEDCOM code for the example you used. There are a couple of GEDCOM-valid ways to record addresses and I’d like to see which this is.

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