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    Would be great for ex. having the event in some order.

    To be able to sort the data in that way each result would need its own column.

    For each fact or event there can be date, place, source, or media missing, or all 4.

    So even for the restricted set of 12 major facts/events that might require up to 48 columns + one for the name.

    The only answer I can think of would be to only allow one fact or event to be selected for each search, so the maximum would be 4 + 1 columns. Then we could probably remove the source and media options and always show date, place, source, media results in their own columns.

    The search would also be slightly slower. At present we only need to search “does the fact have a birth date, birth, place, source, media, if “no” add to list. ” For sorting we would then need to look up the date ((at least) and add that also to the list. But that might be less of an issue if we are only checking a single fact/event.

    Of course, for your question you would then to need do two searches, one for baptism, and then repeat for burial, instead of a single search now.

    I would be interested to hear other opinions on this idea. It is easy to implement, but is it useful?

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