• #7636

    There have been a LOT of significant changes since 3.1.1, As a result skipping versions, although technically OK, usually means it is hard to follow all the issues that can crop up at each stage.

    In this case I suspect that this paragraph (from the upgrade instructions for version 3.2.1) may help:

    There are no special requirements if you are upgrading from any version later than 3.0.0. but you are likely to find initially that you have no menus displayed. To fix this, login (if necessary set your browser URL to your-domain/login.php to do this), and visit the administration pages. Just visiting there is sufficient to complete the upgrade process and allow the menus to display normally again. If you cannot access login at all, simply delete the folder /modules_v3/menu_calendar/ from your server. That is the one causing this issue.

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