• #7504

    I have looked at this request.
    Unfortunately the gallery module is much to complex to be used as a simple block on the Home page. It would need to be re-written as a completely new module. That would require a very large amount of time (and money – hundreds of dollars) and I do not have the time available.

    I can make three alternative suggestions:

    1. Use the already existing slideshow block.
    2. Use an HTML block, and create a slideshow of images. See attached image for the menu icon to use.
    3. Use an HTML block and insert the necessary code for any javascript slide show you choose.

    Choice 1 is the easiest, but only shows small random images.
    Choice 2 is also easy to use as already included in the editor. You can read more about using this feature here:
    But there is a bug in kiwitrees 3.2.3, so you will not the see the correct icon. Fix the bug by replacing the file /modules_v3/ckeditor/module.php with the one in the attached zip folder.
    You can see an example in use at
    Choice 3 is more flexible but requires some programing expertise. I use this on my site here
    I use this javascript product:

    My personal kiwitrees site is