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    Made twice a topic on the forum but couldn’t submit.

    Submit did work OK for both, but they were regarded as spam by the system. Not sure why, but something in the words used, presumably in the title as the first had no other content. Anyway I have deleted the first and published the second so it is now on the forum.


    Friday I tested this and it seems good.
    Today I wanted to make a new back> up but nothing happened. Just an error.
    Did I handle this wrong or is it an error.

    I can’t tell you what happened. But the error seems to be that your Dropbox “token” is not correct. I’ve been using my copy regularly for weeks now with no problems, and I know of at least two others also not having this problem. So I can only guess:

    • Perhaps by mistake you changed or even deleted the token on the config page? (but I doubt this)
    • Perhaps there was an error in transmission between your PC and Dropbox servers

    I can only suggest you reset the token in kiwitrees (you can read it from the Dropbox app site where you first created it) and try again.

    My personal kiwitrees site is