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    I would suggest

    Family with spouse
    Spouse xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Married xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    daughter xxxx
    son xxxx
    etc xxxx

    Thats where I was thinking. But looking at it I can reasonably easily do that plus a little more.

    I’m please to be getting feedback about these rewritten reports. Generally I’ve only replicated what the old versions did, but if they are going to be used now, then I’m more than happy to improve them.

    So in this case the Individual report will in the next release:

    • Include the major family events under the section “Facts and events” for that individual (marriage, divorce, family residence, family census entries etc)
    • Include marriage dates / places for parents
    • Repeat the individual’s marriage details in their “Family with spouse” section.

    Attached is a zip folder with two files in it in case you want to have this improvement right now.
    functions_resource.php should be copied to kiwitrees/includes/functions/
    module.php should be copied to kiwitrees/modules_v3/resource_individual/

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