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    And, would I be able to modify to include Address field as I had previously?
    I’m not sure. Can you send me a copy of the modified file you are referring to so I can see in detail what it does.

    I changed the heading of a column but this report isn’t the same column headings. You modified contents, so probably answer is no.My changed portion of reports.xml:

    OK, thanks. That is a useful idea. Will be included in the next release. Not quite as you have done it but should achieve the same. It will use the Details option in the same way as I have already described for Cemetery.

    Take the attached file and replace the version of kiwitrees/includes/functions/functions_resource.php.

    If you then use the Facts & Events report and search for Burials the Details column will include Address, or Cemetery or both. Use the filter box at the top to include only entries with one of them.

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