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    The second date column is generic. “Date of birth” exists for any fact / event you choose. The second column is the date of the chosen event. So to display “Date of death”, “Date of Occupation” etc. etc would require complex and resource hungry code. Is it really necessary?

    No, I just thought you labelled the column incorrectly.

    That is either a browser thing or an Appley thing. For me (PC) in Chrome it always opens a save as window. In FF it opens a window with options to either open with a selected software or save as. It also has a tick box to “Always take this action in future”. None of this can be influenced by kiwitrees.

    Strange. FF opens a window with the CSV, no option to save as a file. FF Prefs cannot be modified as to what action to take for a file type. Forget the reason they opted for that.

    And, would I be able to modify to include Address field as I had previously?
    I’m not sure. Can you send me a copy of the modified file you are referring to so I can see in detail what it does.

    I changed the heading of a column but this report isn’t the same column headings. You modified contents, so probably answer is no.My changed portion of reports.xml:
    <Cell style=”text” width=”$datewidth”><GedcomValue tag=”DEAT:DATE” newline=”1″ /></Cell>
    <!– RBC: CHANGED CEME to REFN 10 JUL 2012 –>
    <Cell style=”text” width=”$cemewidth”><GedcomValue tag=”REFN” /></Cell>
    <Cell style=”text” width=”$placewidth”><GedcomValue tag=”BURI:PLAC” /></Cell>
    <!– RBC: CHANGED NOTE to ADDR 10 JUL 2012 –>
    <Cell newline=”1″ style=”text”><GedcomValue tag=”BURI:ADDR” /></Cell>
    <Cell align=”rightrtl” newline=”1″ style=”label”><br /><var var=”WT_I18N::translate(‘Total individuals’)” />: <ListTotal /></Cell>
    <Cell align=”rightrtl” newline=”1″ style=”date”><Now /></Cell>

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

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