• #7355

    I’m not sure about is the mistypes.css file I still have for the menu bar display 3.2.2. Should I remove it?

    You should be able to remove it, but send me a copy first (see next point).

    And can I add back the functions_print_lists.php for my preferred display of Place Hierarchy?

    As I recall your Place hierarchy issue was wanting it in a single vertical column, rather than wrapped.In which I case I would have recommended a css style change (in mystyles.css) and not a replacement for functions_print_lists.php – which doesn’t have anything to do with displaying the place hierarchy. So I think your mystyles.css file contains more than one ‘fix’. So send it to me so I can see what should and should not be removed.

    I suspect the replacement functions_print_lists.php will be a pre-release fix for something completely different and can therefore by ignored now.

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