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    Nope. The settings I had, many were now unchecked. Basics like the HTML, News I use on home page. F&E tab, Album on Indi page.

    I can’t explain that I’m afraid. No-one else has (yet) reported it; I haven’t experienced it through testing; nor I have I seen it in of the kiwitrees-hosted client sites I have upgraded in the last 24 hours. But that’s not to say it’s impossible, perhaps something unique to certain installations that I can’t think of.

    BTW, I see (or just discovered) cemetery report is gone. When I’m working on certain branches I did find it helpful to run as there are sites that assist in determining the correct burial place.

    🙂 Not gone, just “absorbed”. Use the Resources > Facts and events report,; select Burial from the facts list and add “Cemetery” in the Details field.

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