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    But, there is nothing to easily identify the new modules that may need configuring.

    There may be 109 modules, but that’s totally irrelevant. There is NO NEED to scroll through them all. I quick read of the changes list (or even a proper read of the email sent notifying of the upgrade) will tell you there are only TWO new modules (Descendants and Related individuals), and they are both “menu” types. So in Administration > Modules > Manage modules just two quick clicks of the “Menus” column header and all menu modules will be grouped together at the top of the very first page. Easy then to see which ones you want to enable.

    That said, I would like to make the “Enabled” column sort-able. Then you could group all not-enabled modules together for review. But as yet I haven’t found a satisfactory way to sort a group of tick-boxes.

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