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    upgrade went okay but login page has a “wrapper”: kiwitrees theme (?) to login then goes to my Home page in Colors (my setting).

    Solution just posted here:

    Admin Page: Family Trees > The Royals — there are no tabs but instead a list of what should be tabs.They’re not activated if I click, they don’t jump to the section.

    That sounds like the usual problem – try clearing your browser cache for that page.

    Edit options>> Thought at first you addressed the facts/events issue I raised but see the green text says “Facts for…” and pop up is still mixed so that’s not the reason for the layout;
    can’t make out if it’s displayed correctly by design; can’t see my list of chosen tags, just first 3, hard to read…

    Same as above.

    Privacy >> again, layout is an issue.

    Same as above.

    (hmm…. thinking to myself …..I wonder how many times and in how many places in upgrade instructions I need to tell users to CLEAR THEIR BROWSER CACHE AFTER EVERY UPGRADE.)

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