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    Read your reply and came up with “compromise”. The email gave little details and I felt I didn’t want the site harvested without understanding of what information is there, respecting privacy and while I don’t even know her last name as my cousin wouldn’t provide any information when he did view the site and my email made note of “joint collaboration”. Plus he’d never know how to produce reports, such as they are.

    Offline, Reunion provided a relationship report (great- relatives and down to 2nd cousins). Starting with designated person, it gives direct/indirect relatives (configurable) and I can opt for the details provided. Listed name, birth, place, death, place of relatives but “private” where person was living. Not much different than many genealogy sites.

    Yes, it’s interesting that such a project is being done but I almost had to close down the site once and am very protective now of the data. Asked if she’d update me on what form the project takes. Let’s see….

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