• #7307

    I only have users using languages whose names are fairly obvious to me so I don’t really have a problem with this. Even though not written in English, most of us having a European language as mother-tongue probably have no problem identifying Deutsch, español, polski, svenska, etc., and I suspect it’s only going to be the last seven on the list that cause most of us to scratch our heads – like the person who raised the problem with webtrees for a Thai user. But I have a feeling that the few of us who find ourselves with users in those language groups, would quickly recognise which of the bottom seven was the appropriate language for those few users and translation would only really have value for someone coming to the problem for the first time. However, if you DO decide to go ahead and do it, I would favour solution 2 (all language names appear in the viewer’s language) as being neater and potentially more helpful, given the mobile device restriction for the first solution.

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