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    Problem solved – I had selected ‘English’ as opposed to ‘English (United States)’ on the new Chrome installation but on closer inspection of the other language options I have selected ‘English(United Kingdom)’ and all is well! I still wonder what the unqualified ‘English’ selects as country!!

    As for Windows 10 and the problems I have experienced, borrowing from your previous response,

    Its far too complex for a quick answer on the forum.

    but in brief the problems have developed over the last few months, functions becoming steadily inaccessible – first Windows Start Menu (with all the associated apps, links and pre-defined tile shortcuts) – then Microsft Edge, then the task bar blocked and would not respond, then the search/Cortana window – Settings(!!) – Task Manager .finally hardly anything worked at all! ..frequently, the system would simply hang half-way through the start-up cycle and I had to resort to Ctrl-Alt-Del. Raising it on the Microsoft Community forum, I found that I was not alone – hundreds of people were experiencing exactly the same problems. Fixes were proposed but none worked. Finally, several people concluded that the only way to get out of it was to download a new version of W10 onto a USB Flash drive and to do a clean re-install, booting from that. This is what I did last weekend and finally I have a Windows 10 installation once more working as it should. I have the feeling that everyone experiencing the problems had fairly unusual – and therefore possibly untested by Microsoft – installations, and no-one was using purely MS products – Internet Explorer – MS Office – etc. In our case, living in France and my wife being Austrian, we have always used Swiss French keyboards (ideal for French, German and English language usage) on the desktop, but as that’s difficult to obtain on mobile devices we have French config laptops and a UK config tablet, all of which are supposedly synced by Windows .. but frequently we pick up a laptop and find that the password isn’t accepted …because Windows has suddenly decided the laptop has a Swiss French keyboard – which of course it hasn’t!! Little things like that start to make you worry! We use AVG for anti-virus and – in common with many others, we had a number of problems using Outlook under Windows 10 , which were finally tracked down to Windows 10-AVG compatibility issues. I won’t go on!! Suffice it to say that for the moment all is looking good again -I hope it stays that way!

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