• #7286

    Thanks for such a prompt, comprehensive – and for you – early-morning response Nigel!

    I am reassured by the fact that the non-logged-in default is influenced by the user’s ‘browser configuration’. I think this explains why I haven’t noticed the problem before and it really is new for me. Last weekend, after a succession of problems with Windows 10, I was obliged to do a clean re-install of Windows, and am still going through the process of configuring and adjusting. After a quick check, however, I can confirm that my principle browser – Chrome – is set to British English, and my own user account in kiwitrees is set to British English. However, I have suspected that the Microsoft Edge browser, which is delivered with Windows 10 has been thrashing with Chrome and may well be the principle reason for the problems I have been experiencing. I have just checked my Edge settings and they show US English!! I don’t use Edge much at all – knowingly! Hmmm! More work required here – I’ll let you know the outcome. Meanwhile, if anyone else is using kiwitrees under Chrome under Windows 10, I’d be pleased to hear from them.

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14