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    I have checked in Admin – General where I have specified Language = British English (although I can’t imagine that would influence date format)

    Actually that is exactly where it is set, As you said youself “… the British way of presenting the date”.
    Date formats are completely language dependent. Living in France I’m sure you are aware that the French way of writing a date is different again.

    What you are missing (in understanding) however is the link between setting languages and login / not logged in status. I have on my to-do list to write an FAQ explaining exactly how kiwitrees applies language settings and how to make the best use of the options that provides. Its far too complex for a quick answer on the forum.

    But in very simple terms languages are set in FOUR places:

    1. In Administration > Site configuration > Languages” where you select which languages your site makes available for use (by anyone)
    2. In Administration > Family trees > each family tree > General tab
    3. In Administration > Users > Manage users > each user’s account details > Language
    4. In each user / visitors own browser configuration.

    When logged in the priority order is 3, then 2 if nothing set for this user.
    When not logged in the priority is 4, but only if that language is available in 1., otherwise 2.

    So from what you describe your user details specify British as your preferred language, but (I suspect) your browser is set to prefer US English which therefore gets used when you are not logged in.

    Surely this couldn’t be influenced by the location of the server (mine is in US)

    Correct, no influence from server location.

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