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    Step 5 is new to me, and I’d like to know how mysqldumper will be implemented since I saw a warning in one of your earlier posts.

    Yes step 5 (and to a lesser extent step 4) is the main addition. It’s always been a good idea, but never stated before. Not doing it has in the past been the cause of things like broken menus, resulting in the rest of the page being broken. Until the dashboard home page trigger does some tidying up, there are settings left looking for files that no longer exist.

    Previously I’ve suggested remedies like “delete xxxx file or module”, whereas really step 5 is a better answer, and if done at the described stage will avoid the errors ever being seen. All made easier by having a “maintenance mode” switch.

    Re MySQLDumper – I will amend the warning. It should say “if also using PHP 7+ don’t use MSD for now“. But I soon hope to have that fixed, and possibly even the whole thing built into a core kiwitrees module.

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