• #7095

    Two reasons for moving those links:

    1. it means they are available to you regardless of which tab you are viewing
    2. It means you can if you really want to remove the “Families” tab completely without losing those links

    I’ve also added ‘Marriage’ to the list of facts for a person, but when I try adding the marriage this way it opens the ‘Add new fact’ page then returns the following error:

    Two issues there.
    First, the error is corrected as part of the next release.
    Second. although you “can” add MARR to an individual, it is really a “FAMily fact so should be added on the families page (not the Families tab of the individual”. If you add a MARR event to an individual, that is literally all you are doing. It will not create a FAMIly record. It only signifies that the individual married, with when and where.However, I guess that is no longer relevant as you now know where the “Add wife” etc links are 🙂

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