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    it’s the Facts and Events tab, view where the *undated* marriage is before the birth (1860).

    That’s exactly what I meant by “ I suspect something you haven’t told me“. You never mentioned anything about the marriage date not existing, and only quoted the INDI GEDCOM data. Marriage dates are part of the FAM GEDCOM data (F5522).

    So does the book that family member wrote provide you with source references for the birth date of 1860? If not, you should err on the side of caution and take it as nothing more than a guess. In my mind it’s not even an educated guess if it’s not explained.

    As to why the marriage appears before the birth in the facts and events tab, that will be because to place things in order where dates are missing kiwitrees must make some assumptions and one of them is that first children are not born less than 15 years after marriage. May not be perfect, but we have to do something. As I’ve said many many times – don’t enter facts without dates. It is, in my opinion NEVER necessary with good use of BEF, AFT, FROM / TO, EST, CAL etc…. As I said above, in this case the marriage (assuming there actually was one) should be dated “BEF 1873”. That simple change will put it after the birth date, plus save the system from spending time / resources on heavy calculations to try and figure where to place events in time, often with conflicting evidence and therefore random results.

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