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    Looking at what appears to be the same person on a couple of trees there seems to be some very “dodgy” genealogy floating around for this person.

    The both assert (with no given evidence) that the first child of Esther and Aaron Rubinoff (their interpretation of the name, not mine) Chaya Kayla Rubinoff was born in 1873. But they also give Esther’s birth as 1860, So was she really only 12 to13 when giving birth? Possible I guess, but how likely?

    I would say both her 1860 birth and whatever marriage date you have are highly suspect and should not be stated as facts. From this limited information I would be putting her birth as “BEF 1850” with “unsubstantiated” (“based on date of birth of children and husbands known date of birth (1845) as a source or note; and the marriages as “BEF 1873” with a note “Estimated date based on birth of first child”.

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