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    Not sure why you are looking at GEDCOM data. I suspect something you haven’t told me, as the obvious answers I shall give are I’m certain things you know well.

    If you are looking at the individual’s page, Facts and Events tab, just click on the marriage event and edit the date – assuming that is the error. Could it be the birth date that is wrong? Are these events REALLY for the right person? Perhaps it is her parent’s marriage, and her mother had the same name as her? Check your sources.

    Alternatively visit the family page for F5522 and edit the marriage there.

    If you don’t know the facts, then change the date to something based on EST, CAL and some date that seems more reasonable, or don’t enter a date at all.

    What I also noticed with the record is when viewing as a visitor, the marriage doesn’t show, just birth and death.

    That suggests that a child or spouse is (or is calculated to be) still living, therefore making the entire family record private.

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