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    OK, it seems there are two different issues going on here.

    1 – You’ll need to give me the complete raw GEDCOM data for a couple of individuals with the sort of AFN tag your are searching for. Then I can test the search parameters to see if there is an error in the code.

    2 – (Possibly) not truly related to your issue, but if you are searching for the text ‘html’ in an AFN record then you are not using the tag correctly. If you don’t give kiwitrees what it expects in any given field, then you can’t always expect it to behave as you want. AFN (Ancestral File Number) is defined by the LDS Church who created it (for their purposes) as follows:

    An Ancestral File Number will typically consist of four capital letters or digits followed by a hyphen which in turn is followed by two to three concluding digits or capital letters. An AFN will not contain A, E, I, O, U, or Y (vowels).

    Ancestral File Numbers currently have the following format:

    AFN: 20V4-RND (example)


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