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    DataTables warning: table id=media-table-8cbc11957151b692355cdfe5f02102db – Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

    I followed the link. Thanks for including Safari how-to. The example shows an html page but I was in Admin so the example in Step 4 didn’t match so I didn’t continue.

    Although it’s always nice to receive thanks, but on this occasion they are not for me. The link you used is created by and exists only in the DataTables code developer. DataTables is a javascript library used extensively in kiwitrees, everywhere we show lists. It allows the list to have many different sorting, filtering, and display options without me needing to do any really difficult coding!!

    The link is however very useful in guiding admins how to find the cause of these occasional errors. But it’s never easy, as you discovered. A certain level of understanding of the browser’s “developer tools” is required. Ideally I would say to contact me before you do anything with these errors, leaving your site in a state where the error can be reproduced. Then I can trace the cause.They are always specific to something in your data, so I have no other way of investigating than to look at the error happening on your site.

    However, often they are just temporary issues caused by timing of the data change and the screen refresh – something neither you nor I always have total control over.

    So, in short, if the error is no longer happening, you can ignore it. It is an error message only relating to the attempted table display, never anything that will cause any damage to your data.

    The DataTables code is excellent, but very complex, and so prone to occasional errors from very minor inconsistencies. They do generally fix themselves.

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