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    When I make a list of persons the layout is like When I make a list of sources, click on a source and go to tab person the lay out is like this.
    Maybe the words in dutch for birth and death are too long on the buttons and I should use a abbreviation? Or is it layout?

    Yes, this is the layout. The normal persons list uses 98% width, the source list only 90%. I will fix that for the next release. There also seems to be a problem with the margin at the bottom.

    Noticed that the pop-up help text of roots and leaves is not displayed right in dutch. Only the word “toon” is displayed, in the translation files these text are translated right.

    This is a translation problem due to the many different types of quotation marks that can be used. Below is what is in the language file for Dutch now. I have used an image as it is even difficult to show on the forum correctly. (this is of for “roots”, but “leaves” is the same issue).


    The current transaction is “OLD”. You can see the “straight” quotation marks, with back-slash (“”) that was intended to “escape” the quotes so they are different to the pair that must be used to surround the entire paragraph. Unfortunately that doesn’t work, causing the text to end at the “”.
    The answer is to use “curly” also known as typographic, or smart) quote marks as used in the English text. This site shows how to type those: (or you can copy / paste from the English text).
    I have tested this and it solves the problem.

    BUT, I think it will be better to remove quotation marks whenever possible, so I plan to re-write this tool-tip for the next release. Perhaps simplify it to

    “These individuals may also be called patriarchs. They are individuals who have no parents recorded in the database.”

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