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    But your query also alerted me to other small problems on that screen, which I have also fixed.

    So, the other problems were these:
    1 – (image 1) – The add media field you used was only displayed by a chance error. You have selected “yes” for the setting “Use full source citations”. But that setting should only add the Quality (QUAY) and source DATE options. So although it is right to have that media input field, it should be there always, not just when you select “Use full source citations”. It is now fixed so you can always add a media object to an existing source.

    2 – (image 2) – not sure if you realised, but the add media field you were using there is part of the SOURce tag for the birth. That is different to adding a media object to the birth event itself. The problem is that it can be hard to see what is part of the source and what is part of the birth event itself on the edit screen unless you have a good understanding of what each label means. That is another problem that has been around a very long time. I have now improved, rather than “fixed”, that issue by arranging for the source-related fields to have a slightly different shade of background colour so it is clearer they are a group.

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