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    Excellent, thanks. Now I can see the problem. Thanks for the images too. They really help/

    This is one of those issues that experiences users do not have – but they easily could. It has been “wrong” for ever! Personally I have always just ignored it, but I think it can be improved. To be certain try the same process, but do not add the ID number at the top – the first part of your point 3 in the list above:

    3 add ID-number

    The id number is not required here, and when you do add the ID number the system tries to add the image to the individual as well as to the birth event, and so creates a duplicate entry which fails the test.

    It is like this becasue the same screen is used here and also on the administration pages where you can add a media object when you are not on the individuals page (like linking).. If I am right, perhaps I can hide or “grey-out” that input field when there is an id number already available.

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