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    Wanted to search in the right top corner for my last name, the following errors pop up.

    Sorry for the delay replying to this one. Not ignoring it, just trying with some difficulty to figure out the cause. I know where it is (a complex piece of code used to search texts from the stories module), but haven’t yet figured what combination of circumstances will create this error. I’m sure it’s not unique to your site, but it is so far the only place I have seen it happen.

    If I have time tomorrow I will log in to your database and try and reproduce the same query there. then I will know if it’s a php problem (trying to create a MySQL query) or the MySQL query just doesn’t always work.

    Error log is full of errors

    This I know you have now fixed, It’s the same as Paul’s issue yesterday.

    and the last one:

    Actually this is two errors. the rows #0 through to #7 are part of the first issue. But the last one is something different:

    [29-Jul-2016 07:50:18 Europe/Amsterdam] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getClientIp() on null in /home/stambo1q/public_html/kiwitrees/includes/session.php on line 351

    This is a small issue in the contacts module. I have already fixed it for the next release. It won’t be causing any obvious issues for you so I recommend you ignore it until the next update.

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