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    Could I delete the complete error log and will it make automatically a new error log when an error occurs?

    Yes – BUT…….

    What exactly do you mean by “delete the complete error log”?

    1 – I’m assuming you mean the kiwitrees error log (kiwitrees administration > site administration > logs)o.
    2 – By delete, do you mean use the “delete” button on that page, or deleting the complete table in MySQL?

    The kiwitrees log table records much more than just errors. It also records many things you “might” want to keep, such as when users logged in, what the did, what search’s were done on your site by users or non-registered visitors, etc etc. So do you want to delete all that interesting information as well?

    If you do mean the kiwitrees logs, and you mean to only delete all errors, then select the option for errors in the drop-down box. Then click “delete”. That will delete ALL errors (not just the ones displayed on the first results page) but leave everything else alone.

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