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    If one of the Shared Notes is not done in the right way, will the lay out dissapear of all the Shared Notes?

    No, it shouldn’t. The error simply means that kiwitrees doesn’t recognise the shared note as a table, and displays it as the raw code. That’s what I see on your site for all the shared notes I looked at. They all have the same structure errors.


    I tried to fix N26 for you as an example but it wouldn’t work. I tried everything I knew should work, but it still didn’t work. Then I remembered!!!! You disabled the Census Assistant the other day, because of a different problem. I’ve just re-enabled it and now N26 is working. As mentioned, formatting shared notes is designed for the census assistant. If you don’t have that module working, then the formatting will not work either because all the code for formatting is in that module.

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