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    Maybe change the title of this topic in something like running kiwitrees PHP 7 errors

    There is already a thread for that: It would be better to keep it in one place. Then I’ll know where to look when I have time to work on them.

    1. Tthe layout made with markdown in Shared Notes disappeared

    Sounds like it could be php 7 related. We don’t actually use any markdown on kiwitrees, but I assume you are referring to the couple of special codes we allow in shared notes. Can you give me a link to the issue on your site?

    Tried to install Mysqldumper was also impossible. Read on the site of Mysqldumper it wasn’t compatible with PHP 7.

    I wasn’t aware of that either. That will be annoying if they don’t fix it soon. Development on MSD is pretty slow lately. They started work on a completely new version about three years ago! When I get chance I’ll have to look at it myself and see if I can fix it. Most of the PHP 7 issues are fairly minor once identified. Did their site indicate what the issue was?

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