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    Options for other backup cloud locations might be possible in future, but each has their own API, so almost become a separate module. Now if there was a standard API it might be different.

    …since the site files without the database serves no purpose.

    But you are looking at this as a pure backup option. If you read my original post that is not the aim. It’s more accurately a “family tree data preservation” process. The DB is actually unnecessary in that scenario. Perhaps I need to come up with a new title 😛

    However, if you setup MySQLDumper I’m pretty sure you could set it to save the DB backup to the kiwitrees /data/ folder, as a zip file. Then it could (or even would) be included with the other Dropbox uploads.

    Finally, there is no way I will include the software files. I feel strongly that it is unnecessary. I don’t keep backups of ANY software these days. I admit I used to, but with everything accessed via the web it’s no longer necessary. The last time I had to re-build a hard drive I found it easiest to download fresh copies of all products. But if you really feel it’s necessary, then again, store the original zip version in the installed /data/ folder.

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