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    I agree storage space is a concern and that’s why I suggested the site files and site database be provided as an option to backup and restore.
    But to really make that feature useful considering the amount of space it would require it would be ideal do have multiple options for where to remotely store the backup at a minimum I’d suggest adding at least a custom FTP server in addition to Dropbox but Google Drive is popular also so if they have an API that’s easy to use that might be a good addition to.
    But considering the difficulties you mentioned and getting a backup and restore to work with PHP I agree it’s Beyond this Module.
    Regarding backing up just site files with what you were planning and not the site database I think that would be useless since the site files without the database serves no purpose. If a backup and restore feature was to be added later including the database and the site files would be useful so any custom changes, modules, themes, ect that were made to the website would be included with the backup.
    Of course you’d most likley have to reinstall kiwitrees if you need to restore but that’s the beauty backup. Restore from your remote backup and your original site is back the way you said last. There are free plugins for WordPress that do this and I would never use wordpress without it, although I hope I’ll never need it. Your suggestions work as would work but about as convenient as manual backups when it’s time to restore. My suggestion just makes it easier.
    I hope my suggested restore function makes it in some future mod. Perhaps you can save some work by leaning on a working implementation in another program like wordpress if the license allows that.