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    t would be nice if with the backup there was a restore function as well.

    I an see the logic, but that’s a serious complication to what I aim to have as a simple solution to a simple problem.

    Producing a backup of a database (and restoring from it) is a very complex process to do in PHP, one I feel is best left to specialist tools. The three solutions I recommend are either

    1. Use a webhost that backs up your data on a regular basis (kiwitrees hosting operates secondary servers in a different location that constantly mirror our databases for all clients)
    2. Use phpMyAdmin / cPanel of whatever tool your web host provides for back-end management to export a copy of your database regularly. Such tools automate zipping, emailing etc.
    3. Install the software MySQLDumper (“MSD”) and run it regularly. It does the same as using phpMyAdmmin / cPanel, but is not as daunting as digging into the actual database itself. Download the kiwitrees add-on module Simpl_MySqlDumper from and run MSD from the kiwitrees admin->tools page.

    Personally I use both 1 and 3 for my own family tree site, and store the zipped DB copy in the cloud.

    Regarding the kiwitrees software, whilst it could be included in the backup module, it’s a lot of extra cloud storage which many users might find themselves paying for, and as you can download the same from this site anytime, there seems little point. Plus, you would need to install it BEFORE you could restore anything, so that kind of defeats the purpose.

    The point of a cloud storage for the media and GEDCOM files is that they are readily accessible, and NOT on your home PC, so far safer against risks of fire, theft, equipment failure etc.

    So initially at least, my plan is now to provide the backup option, and set it to backup all / any GEDCOM files and the media folder (i.e. most of the content of the /data/ folder in kiwitrees) as a single-click operation. There will however be some Dropbox set up required which I will have to write a detailed FAQ for.

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