• #6784

    The “aft 1921” is okay.

    Great, that’s one less problem at least. (I’m assuming here that “is okay” means the list is displaying the date “after 1921” rather than “no”)

    I had to dig back quite a way to see when the code was last changed. It seems to be another that was over-simplified in webtrees just before I switched to kiwitrees, so we inherited the same code webtrees still uses. Apart from the failure of the code that checks for a _NMR (which fails and inserts “no” regardless of what is in the MARR tag unless it is a date) it also completely ignores the other tag _NMAR (never married).

    Try the attached file (remove from zip folder and replace existing file kiwitrees/includes/functions/functions_print_lists.php). I think it should give a more logical result. Let me know if it works.

    As a slight aside, I do recommend that you put back the “Y” for every MARR tag that is followed ONLY by a source. It can be done use a regular expression in Batch Update, or manually. I could do it for you if you wish, either with an admin login on your site, or on a copy of your GEDCOM file if you send it to me (just don’t do any edits while I’ve got it).

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