• #6779

    Now, back to the original problem. Looking at the (quite old PGV) code for the Families list, the part where no/yes is displayed for marriage may be a bit simplistic:
    1 – If a date exists it displays it.
    2 – If a “_NMR” (not married) tag exists it displays “no” (but see later comment)
    3 – If a MARR (married) tag exists it displays “yes”
    4 – Otherwise it displays a blank space.

    There is no check on WHAT information either the _NMR or the MARR tags actually contain, which is not ideal.

    There are still two other issues:
    1 – How did your MARR tags lose their “Y”? It is ticked as “Y” by default. If you add a place or a date (only) it is removed, but it is NOT removed if you just add a source. So is it possible you added a place or date then subsequently removed it / them? So far I can’t find any other explanation for that.

    2 – The one with a date “AFT 1921” shoulld display that. I strill need to find out why it isn’t.

    The problem is that

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