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    When you add a marriage to a family record the “yes” option is ticked by default. It is ignored if there is a date or a source, but will otherwise display “yes” in the Families list.

    To get a “no” in the list requires a deliberate decision to untick that “yes” option, AND not to enter a date or source.

    So, if you feel you did not untick that box (and are you sure?) then it would suggest a problem.

    Please provide the full GEDCOM data for a family record that displays the “no” in the marriage column of the families list.

    EDIT: remember that a “family” can be created without a “marriage”. That is the most common reason for the “no” appearing in the Families list. Creating a family should never ASSUME that is is the result of a marriage. You need to specify that a marriage occurred, other wise the assumption is that it hasn’t.

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