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    If I add the name “Wim” as nickname, the research links will show the right result.

    Yes. The other way take too much resource so it is not attempted. Use the NICK field if you need it to be searchable. That is why it exists.

    But if I add the nickname as “Willem” It isn’t displayed as Jan Willem “Willem” only Jan Willem.
    I can underline Willem using * showing Willem is preferred.

    Remeber, aldfaer is very old, and does MANY GEDCOM things badly. Kiwitrees follows the GEDCOM very carefully, and will try very hard not to move away from that specification.

    Yes. If Willem is a real given name then it cannot also be a nick name. It can only be a “preferred name”. . A nick name is NEVER an actual name. That is not the definition.

    For me (maybe others too) it is important to handle the names always in the same way.
    Is it possible to fill in the nickname field and this is not showing in the name field enclosed within quote marks? Maybe a checkbox, so it is optional.

    No. You need a clear understanding of the difference between a nick name and a “preferred name”. Do not muddle the two.

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